Beautiful Concrete for Your Home


There are a variety of ways that concrete can be used around your home. These include options such as driveways, basement floors and foundations or decorative stamped, stained patios, paths and pools.

At Classic Company LLC, we can help you determine which application is perfect for your budget and your property. In addition to our complete concrete services, we also specialize in natural and veneer brick and stone, along with concrete pavers.

Invest in Quality Concrete for Your Home

There are a variety of ways that concrete can be used around your home. Driveways, basement floors, foundations, decorative stamped, stained patios, paths and pools. We also specialize in natural and veneer brick and stone, along with concrete pavers.

Concrete in and around your home can serve a variety of functions. Whether you want a traditional concrete driveway or a decorative stamped pool, please allow us to guide you.

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Our Residential Concrete Services


  • Architectural concrete
  • Block and poured wall foundations
  • Brick and stone veneers
  • Crawlspaces
  • Curbs
  • Driveways (with the option of 5-year Dura-Crete guarantee)
  • Entry steps and landings
  • Footings and deck pads
  • Garage and basement floors
  • Landscape steps
  • Patios (with optional fire pit or fireplace)
  • Precast and natural stone
  • Remove and replace existing concrete products
  • Retaining walls
  • Sidewalks
  • Sports courts, sheds and dog slabs
  • Stairs concrete floor


Decorative and Specialty Concrete

For residential concrete work anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro area, choose Classic Company LLC. Depending on the scope of the project, many of our jobs can be completed on the same day.
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Residential Applications:

  • Entry Steps and Landings
  • Footings and Deck Pads
  • Garage and Basement Floors
  • Landscape Steps
  • Patios (with optional fire pit or fireplace)
  • Precast and Natural Stone
  • Remove and Replace Existing Concrete Products
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sidewalks
  • Sports Courts, Sheds and Dog Slabs
  • Stairs
  • Architectural Concrete
  • Block and Poured Wall Foundations
  • Brick and Stone Veneers
  • Curbs
  • Driveways (with the option of 5-year Dura-Crete guarantee)
  • Block and Poured Wall Foundations
  • Brick and Stone Veneers
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Curbs Driveways (with the option of 5-year Dura-Crete guarantee)


Decorative and Specialty Concrete

For residential concrete work anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro area, choose Classic. Depending on the scope of the project, many of our jobs can be completed on the same day.

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Pool, Deck and Patio

We specialize in a variety of pool decks and patios and have served many private homeowners; we work with specific local pool companies with the same trusted partner relationship built over many years. This service overlaps into the commercial sector because properties are maintaining or adding these amenities. However, the majority of this service is for residential applications. The Pool Space can be an extension of our kitchens, living rooms and outdoor dining. The outdoor space becomes an outdoor living room with the main feature being the pool but offers other amenities such as fire pits, hot tubs, and fireplaces. Clients invest extensively into this area of entertainment. Classic enjoys working with homeowners, pool contractors, and landscape architects to design and build the most practical, structurally sound and unique outdoor space. Pool’s rock!


Alternative Entry for Home Based Business 

We have had several clients retain our services to coordinate and design a functional secondary entrance for their business to operate out of home. The service starts with providing a new door opening into the desired area. Classic removes this part of the foundation safely and securely and creates an opening for a bee winterized door that our master carpenter will install. Secondly, we typically construct concrete walls to provide a stair system going down into the new opening. This is a critical point of the install in that a drain system either hooks up to house sump system or we outlet away from house. Without this drain system or step, homeowners will face expensive water issues. The last step in this process is installing a sidewalk to the entrance where it is appealing. Classic prides itself on making this path unique with a design that is not only straight forward but beautiful as well. Taking into consideration all existing conditions with your landscape landscape is absolutely necessary to create the most functional and aesthetic new entry.


New Basement Drain Tile System with New Concrete floor

Classic partners with Standard Water Control locally and throughout the Tri-State area, we provide a complete turnkey system. At no up-charge to our clients we work directly with Standard to create a lifetime guarantee drain tile system. Standard has been in business since 1972. We utilize certified concrete finishers to place a structurally sound basement floor and we have 20 years of experience with pouring concrete floors with the Standard Water System. The synergy experience ensures a complete job well done.


Top Cast and Exposed Aggregate 

This service comes in different degrees. Traditionally Exposed Aggregate was the method of choice for a decorative design or result. Eric learned from this technique from his father and used it extensively growing while moonlighting on projects throughout his neighborhoods. Traditional Exposed shows the majority of the rock which is a special mix with more rock in it. One similar process which is becoming more popular is Top Cast. This utilizes the same steps as Traditional Exposed however we use a treatment and a special mix to produce a different result. The desired result we provide are finishes where concrete appears to have been shot blasted or it appears weathered with a sandy appearance. This look is a fantastic compliment when matching existing or older concrete. We then add color to these applications which furthers the possibilities of the Top Cast look. This is done masterfully by our certificated concrete finishers and by using a high-powered pressure washer where we can fine tune the intended result.


Cleaning and Sealing


We offer a Hot Water Pressure Washer Cleaning and Sealing Service. We will come to your site, clean your concrete with our equipment then we come back the next day (weather permitting) to apply a sealer that we recommend. The choice of sealers is critical for a couple reasons. First what has been applied in past. You do not want to mix a sealer with another one unless it is compatible. With our experience and expertise, we make sure this choice is the right one. With decorative concrete we generally apply a compatible high gloss finish or matte if desired. This revitalizes concrete and will have a lasting effect for 2 to 3 years. On standard white concrete we recommend a penetrating salt guard sealer especially with the midwestern climate. The cleaning service is also very nice in accommodating our builder clients and neighborhood streets with FINAL cleanups for the end of projects. This is a great finishing touch.


Stamped and Colored Concrete 


Classic has been providing this service for 20 years. We have utilized many different cycles on the means and methods of stamp concrete projects. We have found that this service is not best for all projects. As much as we love this process, it is not for every project. We guide our clients in this process to make the best choice for your project. If we agree on stamp concrete being the best choice than Classic has a simple process, our method is providing colored concrete that comes directly from the ready-mix concrete truck which is premixed. The truck delivers the colored concrete to the site for installation. We constantly monitor the consistency of the mix because typically multiple loads or trucks are needed. It is critical to have our experienced technician to keep your color consistent throughout the entire scope of the project. After concrete is placed, we can add a secondary color mixed with a hardener that is broadcasted proportionately. The hardener does two things, first it models the final appearance when we place texture mats on colored concrete and hardener, this creates a two-tone look. Second, the hardener brings our normal concrete from 4500psi to 8000psi strength. This essentially doubles the strength and integrity and in the long-term holds its appearance. We have found this process to be the best for long term wear and appearance. We have unlimited stamp and color options, and we pride ourselves on determining the best option first, after commitment to our services we help you design and support the final color and texture options. A favorite is our wood plank stamp mimicking real wood. This is an amazing stamp that has been used in so many spaces.


Entryways and walkways


This service is very popular because of the obvious importance of first impressions. Customers want their properties to look great and also provide function. Many entryways
of homes are in need of repair or simply have Safety & Code issues. Classic serves a very large and diverse remodel and upgrade market in the Tri-State area. Many homes do not have the 3’ required landing coming out of the front door. We modify and bring these entries to code and help you design the space that gives you the desired look. Classic will frequently utilize masonry and stone products to produce different accents added to the new concrete. Masonry products are part of our service, we specialize in this for our residential clients. An important consideration in new entries is that the foundation is checked extensively since we have removed old entry and we can view the foundation. Our goal is to install the entry right the 1st time but not until we assure the homeowner their foundation is clear of potential problems. Communication is key as is all interactions with client and builder. It provides continuity and synergy to all our services.