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How do you reinforce your concrete, so it lasts?

 We combine a two method approch when reinforcing concrete installations. We will insert a 12” to 3’ on center grid with either 3/8- or 1/2-inch rebar.  This rebar mat is supported by accommodating chairs where the rebar is held up at ¼ of thickness of concrete slab.  Additionally we add a Fiber Reinforcement to the Ready-Mix Concrete.  The fiber adds more strength to the concrete surface whereas rebar adds strength to the mid-section and the bulk of the concrete.  By using these two products we have a two-fold standard to ensure we have quality well above industry standards.

How do we take care of our new concrete?

 For the first year, we recommend keeping your concrete as Salt Free as possible.  With our harsh winters we realize that might not be possible, but we highly recommend NO SALT the first year, and we recommend you re-seal your new concrete every two to three years.  We advise the client it is important to use the same sealer as the initial product used when applied.  Mixing different sealers in not recommended and can result in damages.  We make sure the client has access to the product we use.  Classic does offer this service for a fee; we can come to your site to clean concrete and re-seal.

What kind of concrete does Classic use?

 We use Ready Mix concrete from a supplier who delivers on site to each project.  Our supplier/partner is either Aggregate Industries or Cemstone Inc. both are highly regarded concrete suppliers in the metro.  Depending on an Interior or Exterior installation, we determine the correct mix.   We choose from different mixes that have a proven track record.  For example, a stamp project we use a specific stamp mix, where as a driveway we use a larger aggregate granite mix specifically for driveways. 

How long does concrete last?

Concrete can last for thousands of years. The oldest concrete is 500BC.  However, depending on factors such as quality, maintenance and weather, concrete can erode differently.  When Classic installs a concrete project, we convey it to be a 50-year product minimum.

Can we color our concrete and what other design options do we have?

You can choose from a variety of colors and looks.  We have unlimited colors or color combinations; our design team will create a project with you that will be structurally sound and has the decorative options you desire for your project.

How long does it take for concrete to cure and dry?

Concrete has different cure stages and depends on several factors.  After 7 days, concrete has reached the cure point, where you can drive on the pavement or place furniture.  After a 30 day cure the concrete is suitable for floor coverings and other treatments. Depending on the mass or portion of the concrete it is always curing.  For example, the Hoover Dam is still curing and hydrating to this day.

What is your warranty?

Classic provides a limited warranty but addresses every issue on a case-by-case basis.   Classic makes it clear that concrete will eventually crack and offers no lifetime guarantee however we use the highest standard materials to make your project last for years.  All of our installs follow ACI (America Concrete Institute) standards.  We stand behind our service and products 110% and pride ourselves on follow up with concerns or issues.  Classic is always available as our goal is to establish long term relationships with our clients.  Relationships are built on trust and that is why we offer a warranty based on this trust.  Classic specifically follows the ACI standards and guidelines set in place by ACI President Jeffrey W. Coleman.  We specifically follow the writings of Coleman who has written several books regarding the standards of concrete, its true nature and the best practices for utilization.