Classic Company-planning outdoor improvementBest Time to Start Planning Outdoor Home Improvement Projects

As the weather warms up in Minnesota, you start thinking about all of those outdoor home improvements and exterior living spaces. These areas add to your own enjoyment as much as they add to the value of your home.

Waiting until warm weather to start planning outdoor concrete and hardscape projects may seem like the right time; however, it's actually better to start planning and contacting contractors earlier in the year around early March or April.The earlier you start, the more time you have to put careful thought into your design, get on your chosen contractor's schedule so that construction is underway well before you want to use it. You'll want to have time to enjoy by the time flowers start to bloom.

Popular Outdoor Construction Projects

Driveways      Patios Sidewalks  
Pool Hardscapes     Retaining Wals

 The Planning Process

The quality of a project always starts with a good plan and design. Start planning before the frost melts. Spending more time at this stage can help eliminate possible delays later on in the construction process.

Things to Consider

  • Type of project, i.e. (driveway, sidewalks, pools, patios, foundations, etc.)
  • Size of project
    • Bigger projects tend to take more time, planning, and design
  • Consider your existing landscape, angles, accents, and style of your home

Classic Company can help you determine what is right for your style, project, and budget.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Longer

Concrete construction season in Minnesota typically begins the end of April or beginning of May and goes through November... or until the frost sets in. Selecting a contractor early means that you

  • Retain a reputable and quality contractor
  • Get approval and obtain any necessary permits
  • Ensure that you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of your new structure sooner and longer throughtout the short Minnesota season

To ensure you get your project on a contractor's schedule, we recommend that you book your project starting in March or April.

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